Monday, 11 November 2013

Meal at Silversmiths Restaurant, Sheffield

A few weeks ago I went out for a meal with some friends at Silversmiths Restaurant in Sheffield.

My friend Cindy had come up from London for the weekend as it was her Pud Inn event (which I'll be writing about very soon!) bringing Oliver along for the ride (and pudding of course!)
Keri and I arrived a bit early so got ourselves plotted up at the bar for some drinks. 

I went for a cider which was very nice but I kind of regretted not choosing a cocktail as I'd had one on a previous visit and it was gorgeous!
Myself, Oliver & Keri. Cindy is taking the photo...
I haven't included any photos of my meal as I guess that I was slightly underwhelmed by my main. I went for a pasta based vegetarian dish.

I don't like to be negative about things but I think partially I was a bit disappointed because I went for something a bit... Boring? And partially because everyone elses mains looked INCREDIBLE. 

I'm a pretty fussy eater and don't eat a lot of meat (if any at all) so I've only got myself to blame really for not being that adventurous BUT the garlic bread that came with my main was pretty damn special. I could have sat and eaten a plate of that if I'd been allowed!

I have eaten in Silversmiths before and chose a vegetarian crumble before which was absolutely delicious.
That all said, I had forgotten about the slight disappointment once our dessert came out. 

We were treated to a platter so we could sample a taster of all of the puddings on offer, including a deconstructed trifle, Yorkshire lemon posset, poached pear and double chocolate brownie with salted caramel...

OH MY GOD. We were absolutely spoilt. If I could go back and just have dessert again I would in a shot.

 Hats off to the kitchen!
The platter featured some home made sour strawberry fizzy laces which were out of this world. That's coming from a Haribo Tangfastics addict. Don't worry. I'm getting help for it...

I do like it in Silversmith's and would definitely return. The staff are friendly and Justin (Silversmith's owner and manager) is absolutely lovely. 

I might be a little braver next time and go for something different, like a fish dish.

Cindy, Keri and Oliver all blog (and tweet!) too. You should definitely take a peek...

Do you have a sweet tooth like me and always leave room for pudding or do you prefer to order a starter (or both!)?

Photo Credits: All pinched from Cindy Cheung & Oliver Denton.

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