Friday, 27 December 2013

Happy Xmas! ☠

Bit late to the party but...


I hope you had a lovely festive break. 

I've eaten so many pigs in blankets I think I might turn into one (albeit a gin soaked piglet...)
This is what I wore on Xmas day. A suitably offensive QOTSA jumper for a family day!

I ordered it from America weeks ago and luckily it arrived on Xmas eve.

The spotty shirt is from Forever 21, skinny jeans are from Topshop and my pumps are from H&M.
My Mum bought me the most awesome/"me" onesie ever! 

I've been enjoying some time off work and I'm not back in until the 2nd of January which is lovely 

I've got quite a bit planned before then and catching up with friends while I'm off. I'm actually looking forward to New Years Eve too which makes a change! 

I'm in the process of writing up a load of blog posts tonight so will hopefully get some scheduled over the next few days. It feels like forever since I last posted anything but I have been super busy.

What did you get up to for Xmas? What are your plans for New Years Eve?

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  1. Love the QOTSA jumper, was very tempted to get one :)


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