Saturday, 28 December 2013

November/December Round Up

Once again I've had a busy few weeks so will try and condense it down into one blog post (for now!)...
Spotting this in town by Kid Acne... And getting very excited over ordering my first Kid Acne print!
Trying different beers whilst waiting for my friend Keri's train to arrive at the Sheffield Tap...
FINALLY trying one of the burgers at the Harley... OMFG hnnnnnnnrghhhhhh... Well worth the wait!

I had "Return of the Mac" with bacon. Mac cheese on a burger. It's ok, you can cry now.
Being spoilt by the Forum bars in the Common Room and getting to meet some lovely Sheffield bloggers in the process! (Thank you Emma!)

If you haven't tried their hard shakes, go do that. Now. 

And the food... Oh my. I need a trip back, pronto! 
More food in Tamper Coffee's Sellers Wheel. I loved my little spoon...!
Finding out this work is by Coloquix 
A trip down to London to see Major Lazer!
The gig was awesome. I wasn't sure what to expect really but it was a big show... And there was crowd zorbing!
We tried to go to The Breakfast Club for brunch but there was a ginormous queue so we went to Hummingbird Bakery instead for cake. I had a gingerbread cupcake and it was delightful!
My first trip to Byron. I got quite excited that you could order a "flight of beers" - perfect for someone like me who is massively indecisive at the best of times!
Watching The National at Manchester Apollo. They are without a doubt one of my favourite bands this year. They are incredible live too.
Finally getting myself along to Pete McKee's "A Month Of Sundays" Gallery on Sharrow Vale Road. 
Seeing Vampire Weekend at Leeds Arena...
Managing to get a last minute ticket for the Arctic Monkeys gig at Sheffield Arena. 

It's crazy as the last time I saw them was in 2006ish when they were playing at the Leadmill and I worked there. (A 900 capacity venue...)

I was a little dubious about how they would be in an arena but they were bloody brilliant. The crowd were great too - it was a proper homecoming show!
Possibly one of the best pieces of merch?! 
I also bought last minute tickets for Queens of the Stone Age at Manchester Arena. 

Again, I was a little unsure of how they'd be in an arena and slightly worried as I had enjoyed them so much when I saw them in Berlin this Summer but they were fantastic.

A crowd-interaction highlight of the show was some kid shining a laser pen at Josh Homme's face (seriously? People still have laser pens?!) 

And him responding very cooly "get that goddamn laser off my face. You don't want to die tonight, son." 

My god, I love Josh Homme. 
Managing to get tickets for the Pixies and them being as amazing as you would imagine them to be.

They played for 2 hours. TWO SOLID HOURS OF THE PIXIES!

One of the best gigs this year for me.
Another trip to Tamper with my brother and his fiancee. My lunch was delicious. 
A trip to New York! I had THE best time. Separate post to follow...
My Mum made us all advent bags this year. She is awesome.
Some of the goodies in the bag!
After seeing these in Urban Outfitters when I was in New York and them not having them in my size, I tracked a pair down via the internets. 

Behold, my beautiful (and yes, slightly ridiculous) Jeffrey Campbell shoes! 
Dressing my poor dog up ready for Xmas. Sorry Alfie.
Going to see Gogol Bordello which cheered me up after a monumentally gash week.

 Eugene Hutz.
Another trip to London to visit friends and watch the Ordinary Boys. Separate post to follow!

I also picked up these socks from Lazy Oaf after lusting over them online... 
Going out for drinks with friends... And discovering that warm cherry beer is actually rather tasty indeed.
Getting into the Xmas spirit as I get nearly 2 weeks off work and wearing a crap Xmas jumper to work...
Watching Tricky at Gorilla in Manchester. Possibly one of the most bizarre gigs I have ever been to. Some of the gig was great. Some of it just plain weird... 
Seeing the brilliant Everly Pregnant Brothers play a well deserved sold out show at the O2 Academy in Sheffield. 

We had a lot of fun and it definitely felt like Xmas had started!
A quick trip to Leeds to catch up with my friend Vanya & drink mulled wine...
All of the Xmas...
Remembering this little fella I bought in NY.
Catching up with friends in the Wick at Both Ends over mulled cider WITH RUM IN. Why hadn't I thought of that sooner...
LOL-ing over the games...
Visiting Santa and Elf Cindz at Endcliffe Park Cafes Xmas Community Party!
Getting very excited that my jumper arrived in time for Xmas...
Seeing friends on Xmas Eve...

Ordering these. Yes, they are a bit bright. No, I don't care.
Buying Mum this for Xmas. Helping Mum drink it...
Laughing at this photo my brother sent me saying he liked my present I'd bought him...
And d'aww-ing at this brooch from Tatty Devine. Ich liebe dich 

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