Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Mini Round Up 03/04/2013

Here's what I've been up to recently...
Liking cryptic fortune cookies... 
Eating. Quite a bit.
Lol-ing at silly things... 
Health & Safety-ing 
Being indecisive over what to wear for my friends wedding on Friday. Help?!
Pud Inn-ing! 5 courses of pudding... Yum. I'll be doing a separate post all about it 
Having a purple flavoured weekend 
Having this stuck in my head.
Going to see Finch almost exactly 10 years after I first saw them!
Getting a little bit fed up with the snow already. 
Catching up with my brother in London... 
Going to see Eels at Rock City. And managing to catch their encore when the venue had cleared out. They were awesome! 
Going to the Panache Learn The Fit bloggers event/sunglasses party with the lovely Maria & Katie from Best British Bloggers and Lil from A Storm in a Teacup!
Going out for a meal with friends as Cindy is moving to London. I'm going to miss her a lot!
Watching Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in Leeds. They were amazing. So good!
And getting prettty drunk afterwards in Leeds... Oh dear! 

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