Tuesday, 28 January 2014

ASOS Marketplace

Following on from my #AccessAllASOS post about ASOS Marketplace, I went ahead and listed a shedload of things...

Lots of brand new items and brands including Topshop, Zara, All Saints, Ted Baker, Lazy Oaf and Fred Perry... And a few biker jackets too!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Trip to New York November 2013 (According to my Instagram)

So, after waiting 12 years to go, I finally visited New York back in November last year.

It was totally worth the wait. I had the BEST time ever.

I took around 800 photos while I was there but thought no one wants to see that many so I have attempted to condense it down into the ones I took on Instagram...
I set off from Sheffield to New York on my own. I was meeting my friend Jenna out there a couple of days later.

I actually quite enjoyed lone travelling as I could do my own thing.
When I'd checked in, got through security checks and sorted my bags I started my holiday the best way - gin & tonic in the airport bar!
Timing wise I'd done really well up until about 20 minutes until the flight was due to go... There was some technical issue meaning that the flight was delayed for 2 and a half hours.
We were given "light refreshment" vouchers, which I exchanged for beer... 
After a very long day I finally arrived to this. Amazing.

I'd booked our accommodation through airbnb. 

We'd used it before when we stayed in Berlin and managed to get an awesome apartment.

My friend mentioned that she & her husband were looking to stay in New York and had seen this fantastic sounding place on airbnb with a pinball machine, so I went and googled it.

It ended up being the place we booked. 

The apartment was situated in Williamsburg/Brooklyn which lots of people had recommended.

When I arrived I met Seth who was the host of the apartment and he was absolutely lovely. He was super helpful and I'm glad we stayed in his place!
The apartment itself was as incredible as it looked online.

I never thought that I would be posting a photo of a toilet on Instagram but it was like it had come from the future!

It was a Japanese robot type one. If you haven't heard of or tried one out, there is one in one of the Yo Sushis in London.

You'll wonder how you'd ever lived without a heated toilet seat before...

Toilets aside... The shower was a rain shower which was a god send after the long days we were having walking.

Our bedroom was really spacious - one thing we found when we were looking initially was how tiny some apartments are. This was not tiny.

We also had our own balcony (which unfortunately we didn't use as it was so bloody cold but I can imagine it being ace in the Summer!)
This beaut was in the living room of the apartment. I had a go on it the evening I arrived in a slightly jet lagged state and my tiny mind was blown!
You could use the kitchen/living room area too which was ideal for us. We would buy cereal/pop tarts etc to have at the apartment in the morning.

I bloody love cereal and pop tarts so was in my element!!
On my first full day I was in New York it turned out that one of my friends from Sheffield was too so I caught up with them and we went for a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was absolutely freezing - I am wearing about 700 layers in the photo! The sky and views looked incredible though and I'm glad we ventured out.
In the evening I met up with my friend Jake (read his blog here... It's awesome) and his friend Christine for some food and then to the Rough Trade NYC opening.

 The new store is awesome, it has a venue inside too (Temples were playing when we arrived) and all other cool stuff like ping pong tables...
The same night I went to see 65 Days of Static at Bowery Ballroom as one of my friends had sorted me out guest list. They were ace and it was cool to get to see a gig while I was over there.
I am slightly obsessed with pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. I couldn't wait to try some out whilst I was on my holiday.

Seth recommended that I visited Egg for brunch. It's near the Bedford Ave subway stop (get the L train) and it is AMAZING.

I visited twice. SO GOOD.
This was round the corner from where we were staying!
I had said to Jenna that the one thing that I would like to keep my eyes peeled for was a pair of leopard print running shoes.

I'd seen some Nike ones online and wasn't sure if you could actually buy them, but y'know, if we did see some that would be great.

We went into one shop and there was not just one pair, but at least 6 pairs. 

I totally lost my shit.
I ended up buying these ones. They are so comfortable. And leopard print. And pink. And running shoes. Ahhh...
We also visited the massive Toys R Us store in Times Square, where I lost my shit for the second time in one day. IT'S FUCKING AWESOME! THERE'S A DINOSAUR! THAT MOVES! AND A BIG WHEEL! INSIDE! WOAH.
This was parked up outside where we staying. Cute!
Amazing flowers!
I'd been told by friends who had visited before to just take it all in and they were totally right. We spent a couple of days just wandering really and it was ace.
We had a walk through Central Park.
Strawberry Fields...
I was amazed at how quiet it was once you were in Central Park, in contrast to being on the streets. It was lovely.
Hot apple cider to warm up. I was slightly disappointed to discover that there is no booze in the hot apple cider over there though!
Selfie time in Times Square!
We were in New York for Thanksgiving so got up super early to make sure we could watch some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

If you are in New York over Thanksgiving, do it. Seriously. Get up early, get a spot and watch it. We loved it. We got cold, squashed, barged into but it was fantastic. Such a good atmosphere and totally magical. Like in the movies.

And. There was a massive Hello Kitty balloon so I was happy. Clearly.
Fall Out Boy & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...
Once the parade had finished, we were absolutely starving. We hadn't booked anywhere for Thanksgiving Dinner as neither of us eat Turkey and so we decided to go for massive slices of pizza and soda which was perfect!
This made me howl when I saw it...
Later that evening we found a little restaurant in China Town for some dinner. We had masses of dumpling which kept us happy...
As we were in the area on the eve of Black Friday we decided to go and have a look at the crazy people queueing for Macy's. It was insane. There were film crews waiting for the pandemonium!

We stood around eating leftover dumplings and then had a look around. Got a bit hot & bothered and then headed home...
This is one of my favourite drinks in the world so I was over the moon that I could freely buy it and it not cost a bomb!
On the Friday evening we went along to the MoMa as they have free entry which was ideal.

If you visit one gallery, this is the one. There is so much to see, it's awesome.
The other slightly bizarre thing is that you're allowed to take photos... We were creased up at the amount of people posing in front of pictures like they were in a catalogue or something. Hilarious.
We saw this whilst walking round on Thanksgiving evening.
On our last night while we were out looking for a place to grab some food we walked past Katz's Deli and so decided to stop there.

One of my old housemates had told me that if I was in NYC I needed to go here and try the pastrami sandwich as it would "change my life" and so I did as I was told...
It's pretty cool to visit just for the experience alone and atmosphere!
Here is said pastrami sarnie. HOLY SHIT it was good. I don't eat a lot of meat but this was epic.
I only managed half of the sandwich as it was about the same size as me but we couldn't resist getting a slice of cheesecake to try.

Jenna had said it was something that tastes better in the States and I have to agree. It was so good!
I went on the Staten Island Ferry on my last day so I could be a tourist and get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.

It was possibly one of the coldest ferry trips ever but totally worth it. And I had bacon cheesy fries at the ferry dock which were so bad they were good.
I also managed to miss seeing the Statue on the ride over as I was too busy looking back at the amazing views of the city from the other side of the ferry... Ooops!
I am obsessed with bagels. Bloody obsessed with them. I was told by several people that they are better in New York and how I wouldn't want to eat bagels from the supermarket when I got back.

OHMYGOD. They were right. They are bloody amazing. I could have quite happily lived off them for the duration of my trip. Cream cheese, tomato & bacon FTW!
I liked spotting bits of street art out & about...
I managed to squeeze in getting a new tattoo on my final day there. You can read about it here. If you are in New York & fancy getting a tattoo, I would highly recommend visiting Kings Avenue!

I enjoyed trying different ales whilst I was out there. I loved the label on this one!
The worst part of the holiday? Having to go home... Boo!

I'm planning a trip back, hopefully next year for my 30th birthday!

Have you been to New York before? Where was your favourite place to visit?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

#AccessAllASOS ASOS Swap Shop 11/01/14

I was lucky enough to get chosen to be part of #AccessAllASOS and managed to get a place for their #ASOSSwapShop a couple of Saturdays back...
Which meant a very early start to get the bus down to London from Sheffield!
Luckily when we arrived there was coffee and breakfast goodies to perk us up!
We were allowed to bring up to 3 items of good quality clothing with us to swap.

When we arrived we were allowed to have a browse on the rails to look at some of the things that we could potentially swap. Some of the items were items that the other ladies had brought with them and some pieces were from ASOS.

I spotted this beauties and when I saw that they were a size 7, I knew that I had to try & get my paws on them!
There were so many lovely bits...
We had a quick break for lunch which included some absolutely gorgeous wraps and skewers...
The first rule of swap club is... Well you can talk about it but no foul play!

I think everyone managed to pick up something that they like and there were no brawls over certain items! 

I managed to swap for 3 items that were my first choices, so was over the moon.
We were given an insight into running a boutique on ASOS Marketplace and tips on how to sell as an individual too.

I found it really interesting as I have got so many clothes, shoes and accessories that I would like to try and list but have given up on ebay. 

ASOS Marketplace sounds like a really good way to sell and you only pay a fee once you have sold the item. Score!

I will hopefully get some things listed on there over the next couple of weeks.
It was so nice to finally meet the lovely Laura!
How amazing is this scarf/outfit?
It was so nice to meet new & familiar faces. It was definitely the highlight of my day, so many lovely ladies!
I think this is what EVERYONE wanted to swap their clothes for, this little pup belonging to House of Jam. LOOK AT HIS CUTE LITTLE FACE!! 
I am actually in love with this tattoo - how awesome is it?!
These are my favourite items I swapped. The dress originally belonged to Lauren. It's so "me". I adore it and ended up wearing it out for my birthday night out! I also managed to pick up a gorgeous vintage Levi's denim jacket which I have pretty much worn non-stop since I got it. Oh, and I got the shoes!! Yeah! 

Have you ever swapped your clothes/swished or sold anything on ASOS Marketplace?

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