Tuesday, 21 January 2014

#AccessAllASOS ASOS Swap Shop 11/01/14

I was lucky enough to get chosen to be part of #AccessAllASOS and managed to get a place for their #ASOSSwapShop a couple of Saturdays back...
Which meant a very early start to get the bus down to London from Sheffield!
Luckily when we arrived there was coffee and breakfast goodies to perk us up!
We were allowed to bring up to 3 items of good quality clothing with us to swap.

When we arrived we were allowed to have a browse on the rails to look at some of the things that we could potentially swap. Some of the items were items that the other ladies had brought with them and some pieces were from ASOS.

I spotted this beauties and when I saw that they were a size 7, I knew that I had to try & get my paws on them!
There were so many lovely bits...
We had a quick break for lunch which included some absolutely gorgeous wraps and skewers...
The first rule of swap club is... Well you can talk about it but no foul play!

I think everyone managed to pick up something that they like and there were no brawls over certain items! 

I managed to swap for 3 items that were my first choices, so was over the moon.
We were given an insight into running a boutique on ASOS Marketplace and tips on how to sell as an individual too.

I found it really interesting as I have got so many clothes, shoes and accessories that I would like to try and list but have given up on ebay. 

ASOS Marketplace sounds like a really good way to sell and you only pay a fee once you have sold the item. Score!

I will hopefully get some things listed on there over the next couple of weeks.
It was so nice to finally meet the lovely Laura!
How amazing is this scarf/outfit?
It was so nice to meet new & familiar faces. It was definitely the highlight of my day, so many lovely ladies!
I think this is what EVERYONE wanted to swap their clothes for, this little pup belonging to House of Jam. LOOK AT HIS CUTE LITTLE FACE!! 
I am actually in love with this tattoo - how awesome is it?!
These are my favourite items I swapped. The dress originally belonged to Lauren. It's so "me". I adore it and ended up wearing it out for my birthday night out! I also managed to pick up a gorgeous vintage Levi's denim jacket which I have pretty much worn non-stop since I got it. Oh, and I got the shoes!! Yeah! 

Have you ever swapped your clothes/swished or sold anything on ASOS Marketplace?


  1. what a great day! - looks like you had a lot of fun :)

  2. Those shoes are awesome, it looks like such a good day I'm gutted I couldn't make it.


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