Friday, 3 January 2014

Trip to London - Ordinary Boys Gig

A few weeks ago I went down to London for a quick trip for a gig and to catch up with friends.

A few months back I had thought to myself "I wonder if the Ordinary Boys are still together?" and so liked them on Facebook. 

A couple of days later they announced that they would be playing a small show in December. 

I went ahead and bought tickets as I did really like them and thought it would be quite cool to see them again!
When I arrived I had a quick mooch around Carnaby and got my token snap of the Xmas lights...
The gig itself was bloody brilliant. I went with my friend Claire and we were both surprised at just how good it was! 

It was like going to a gig 'how they used to be" when I was at college. Everyone was there to enjoy themselves and the music.

I had forgotten how many songs I liked of theirs too.
The venue itself was great - absolutely tiny, hot & sweaty!

There was crowd surfing and there was crowd participation (mainly in lieu of the brass section...!) it was ace!
I had a fangirl moment afterwards meeting Preston... 
After the gig we headed to Koko as one of our friends was there and Tim Wheeler was meant to be playing.

We spotted this lone guy on waiting at the tube station and he had us (and the whole tube carriage) in absolute stitches!
Tim Wheeler & Emmy the Great came on just after midnight and were covering Xmas songs which was a mixture of brilliance and absolute hilarity. 

We sang our little hearts out along to the music...
I hadn't been to Koko since I was at Uni but love it as a venue!
We danced like idiots and sang along until they closed... Definitely worth getting in at 5am for!

Where is your favourite place to go out in London?

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  1. Oh my, totally forgot about these and I was obsessed with Talk,Talk,Talk. Loved Tim Wheeler, cut photos out of him from Kerrang and stuck them to my GCSE History folder haha.


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