Wednesday, 26 March 2014

OOTD - Night Out in Leeds...

A couple of weekends ago I went over to Leeds with my friend Claire to see We Are Scientists and have a night out.

This is what I wore...
Leopard Print Headscarf: Amy Perry for Fred Perry
Lace Dress: Concession stand in New Look
Peep Toe Pumps: H&M

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

OOTD - Weekend in Leeds...

A couple of weekends ago I went over to Leeds with my friend Claire to see We Are Scientists.

This is what I wore in the day...
Leopard Print Headscarf: Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry
Checked Shirt: Topshop
Black Skinny Jeans: Topshop
Peep Toe Pumps: H&M

Monday, 24 March 2014

OOTD - Uni Reunion Night Out...

A few weeks ago I went over to Leeds for a night out with some of my friends I went to university with.

 This is what I wore...
Dress: Concession stand in Dorothy Perkins
Heels: Bertie

Sunday, 23 March 2014

OOTD - Lazy Oaf Dress & 2manydjs in Manchester... ♫

On Friday night I went over to Manchester for the night to see 2manydjs play in Sankeys. This is what I wore...
Leopard Print Head Scarf: Amy Perry for Fred Perry
Dress: Lazy Oaf (Currently £20 in their sale!)
Peep Toe Pumps: H&M
My hair is finally getting long after years of having it cropped super short! I need a bit of inspiration as all I seem to do at the moment is end up tying it up...
I was super sensible and took a massive coat with me for the night. As the night was on until 5am we'd decided to wait in Manchester until the first train back to Sheffield at 5:44am and I didn't want to freeze to death...
It had been a few years since I'd last seen 2manydjs and I was pretty excited. If you have never seen them play before I insist you do. They are awesome!
I went to the night with my friend Spidey who I used to work in the Leadmill with. 

We ended up getting a bit lost when we initially got to Manchester (or rather we just went in the first pub we went to as it was pissing it down and we couldn't be arsed wandering about in the rain to find somewhere decent)...

The first pub we got to was grim. The two girls behind us in the photo were grinding to "Disco Inferno" and one of them had just been chundering in the loos prior to that. Classy...
The set was brilliant. Definitely worth the trip over it! We danced lots. It was great...
The trip home however was pretty painful! We got into Sheffield at about 7am and by the time I got a tram home it was closer to 8am. I'm quite chuffed that I managed to stay up for over 24 hours without dying but the rest of the day ended up being a bit of a write off! 
My Mum had bought me an incredible stash of American sweets which definitely aided in part of my recovery. Alfie was licking them. No chance mate..!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Pinklittlebean Guide To Running...

So I thought that I would write a little piece about running seeing as it has become a hobby of mine.

I am by no means an expert in running but thought I'd share a few tips and what not if you're starting out or thinking about giving it a bash!

I started running at the beginning of 2013. Prior to that, I couldn't run the length of myself and I have never been particularly sporty.

In the past year I have gone out for at least one run most weeks and ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT.

I partook in the Great North Run which was an absolutely fantastic experience. I finished in 2:17:41 which I was over the moon with seeing as my goal was to just finish the half marathon! I was actually proud of my achievement.

I have managed to get a place in the 2014 Berlin Marathon and have entered the Sheffield half too, so I now have them to work towards.

I don't even know who I am anymore..!

So, first things first…
You’ve decided that you would like to give running a go. Excellent!

My top tips for starting out...
* Find a running buddy or join a running group. 

Or both! Having someone else to go out with will keep you motivated, especially on days when you can't be arsed.

* Enter a race 

Have a goal to work towards. Even if it's a short fun run, having something to keep you on the right tracks is always a good idea!

* Have a look through the Zest running book. 

I found it really useful to pick up hints and tips as well as running programmes.
* Make an awesome playlist to listen to. 

I think music is pretty much what keeps me going when I go out for a run. If I've got some decent music to distract me, I'm happy!

All the gear/No idea…
First things first. Don’t go out & buy loads of expensive gear. Why? Because you might not enjoy it and it will be a waste of money.
BUT! Invest in a decent running bra. I repeat. INVEST IN A DECENT RUNNING BRA. Your boobs will thank you for it.

I swear by the Shock Absorber Run bra. Yes, it’s pricey but my boobs ain't shifting. They also go above a D cup which is another godsend for larger chested girls like me.

The bra always comes up trumps in reviews in fitness/running magazines as does the sports bra by Panache. I've not tried it yet but think I will when I next replace mine.

Look online for cheaper deals on running gear. I’ve bought my last two running bras from Amazon, so shop around.
Other places that are pretty good for cheaper/discounted gear are Decathlon and Sports Direct.
One possibly obvious thing but I will mention it is make sure that you dress appropriately for the weather and time of year.
When I was going out in the Summer I would be wearing shorts and a vest as I was getting so hot. When Winter has arrived, I was wearing long leggings & top, a fleece hat, silk gloves and thin running jacket.
Also, if you are going out in the evenings/low light WEAR SOMETHING HI VIS/REFLECTIVE otherwise you are pretty much invisible.
It’s only now that I have started spending a little bit more on running gear as I know that I will be using it and getting wear out of it.

My favourite and slightly extravagant purchase was these leggings from Sweaty Betty. They are worth every penny in my opinion and they look AWESOME.
I treated myself to a Ronhill running jacket for the winter. I’d spotted it in a running shop but winced a little at the £150 price tag. I put it into an ebay search favourite and ended up getting it for £85. Still a lot of money but totally worth the investment.
Other things that I have bought that are not essential when you are starting out but nice to have if you get into running…
* Yur Buds - Headphones
I tried these out the day before the Great North Run and thought they seemed like a brilliant idea. I always seem to struggle with earphones hurting my ears. These fit perfectly and almost “lock” in so no falling out and no sweaty ears.
I ended up buying a pair when I was in New York and totally recommend them. You can fit them to your own headphones too which is ideal.
CamelBak - Hydration Pack

This is perfect for longer runs but they are pretty pricey. I bought one on offer in Decathlon and it has a little bit of room for me to put my inhaler, phone and keys in which is always a bonus.
* Have your gait measured

This is a good way to find out how your running technique is and get recommendations of the correct footwear for you. It's also pretty interesting.
I got pretty excited when I was in New York and finally managed to track down a pair of leopard print Nike trainers after spotting them online...

I wear these ones in the gym as I don't want to totally ruin them outside. Yep, I've become "that" person!

Other pretty important stuff…
I don’t want to sound like your Mum here but there are a few other important bits and pieces I should mention.
If you are going out for runs on your own TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING. Simple really but it’s easy to forget.

Listen to your body. If you are feeling ill or run down DON’T RUN. You’ll only make yourself feel worse. Leave some time for your body to recover and then go out.

I ended up in hospital earlier in the year and had about 6 weeks off from running. It was frustrating but I didn't go out until I was completely recovered.

Eat accordingly and fuel yourself. Running burns a LOT of calories so don't be surprised if you end up eating more. 

One of the highlights of running long distances for me is that there is a real thing called "carb loading" and I have to say I am pretty good at that side of things..!
Hydrate. Another very simple one but so easy to forget.

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey... 

* Build up to longer runs! 

Try not to set unrealistic goals like "I want to start off running 10 miles 5 nights a week". You might be able to one day but start off small, even if all you can manage is a quick jog/walk round the block, you will get there. Start slow and you will build up stamina. Which leads me to...

* Don't get disheartened...

Again, it can be tough but don't beat yourself up about things. Some days I have absolute crap runs and times but you just move on. Everyone has off days, but don't let them stop you.

* Mix up your exercise - gym / swim /cross trainer...

This is one thing I don't do as much as I should but fully recommend! Cross trainers are great for building up leg strength and swimming is amazing for loosening up tight muscles.

And finally...

One final (slightly grim) note. Runners ailments... There are all kinds of delightful issues runners can suffer from. If it hurts, stop. 

I've been pretty lucky with anything drastic but my worst thing has been my toenails going black and eventually losing them... Pah! Toenails are overrated anyway... 

NB: It's worth noting that one way of avoiding grim toenails is by getting a pair of decent running shoes that fit properly.


If you have any questions or would like any more information, just give me a shout and I'll try my best to help! 

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