Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hen Dos & Don'ts...

My friends are getting married. All of them. It's bloody lovely.

One of my best friends is marrying one of my uni pals this Summer. I was absolutely thrilled when she asked me to be a bridesmaid.

The last time, in fact the only time I've been a bridesmaid was in about 1992. It was a family friends traditional Orthodox Greek wedding and from what I remember, it was bloody awesome.

Obviously as I was only 7, I didn't have any involvement in hen do stuff.

I've been to a few hen dos in my time, ranging from super cheesy ones through to doing circus skills for my sister-in-laws do.

Now, at age 30 I am involved in the planning of my best friends hen do. Slight panic ensued.

I did events management at university. And all of a sudden I'm involved in the planning of one of my best friends biggest events of her life! Eep!

With this in mind, Red7 shared some of their handy hints for hen do planning with me & I would say that they are pretty spot on!

10 Hen Do Commandments

1. It’s all about the hen – keep her at the centre of attention, always.

2. Choose an activity that will be two things – enjoyable and memorable.

3. Delegate the planning to no more than three people – we all know how “too many cooks in the kitchen” pans out…

4. Consult with the hen on her social media preferences. Some may want a live stream of tagged photos, others may be a little more private.

5. Who said there can only be one do? Try a wild hen night with the girls then a tamer do to celebrate with the family.

6. Guest list is key, so tailor activities accordingly. The hen might love a stripper but will her future mother-in-law be as keen?

7. Ensure all party members are comfortable with the budget. Nobody wants to feel priced out.

8. Find a hotel in the city centre or near activities. Trying to herd a group of tipsy hens in and out of taxis could be a challenge.

9. Allow for time in between your activities. Don’t over fill the weekend so you feel rushed.

10. Keep communication within the group simple. Too much detail and ambiguity allows for too much opinion – surprises are much more fun.

My friend suggested that all the bridesmaids met up to get to know each other, which was a really fun thing to do and it meant that we could do some planning in an informal way. And drink prosecco. Obviously!

Have you ever had to plan a hen do? Do you have any other tips? 

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